Lattice Degeneration

Lattice degeneration is a disease of the eye where thinning of the peripheral retina in a lattice-like pattern occurs.
Patients with lattice degeneration are typically asymptomatic and lesions are usually discovered incidentally during a routine dilated eye exam. Complications of lattice degeneration include the development of retinal tears and retinal detachment. There is an increased prevalence of lattice degeneration in young myopic (near-sighted) individuals. The cause of lattice degeneration is unknown.
Individuals diagnosed with asymptomatic lattice degeneration should undergo an annual dilated eye exam and monitor for the onset of new symptoms that indicate a retinal tear or detachment (large amount of floaters, flashing lights, decreased vision). In certain cases, laser treatment is performed to prevent retinal tears and detachment in asymptomatic high-risk individuals.
Stephen Ong Tone