Junior and Senior Research Bursary Winners 2018

Carolina Francisconi, University of Toronto
Retinal displacement after pneumatic retinopexy versus vitrectomy for the management of primary retinal detachment.

Carolina Francisconi, Retina Canada Junior Bursary Winner 2018

Netan Choudhry
Vitreous Retina Macula Specialists of Toronto
Correlation of Wide-field OCT-Angiography and Ultra-Widefield Fluorescein Angiography in Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (WONDER)

Netan Choudhry Retina Canada Senior Bursary Winner


The past year has been a busy one for the Foundation.
The goals of the Foundation are:

  • to provide financial assistance to future retinal specialists through fellowships and research grants
  • to improve patient clinical care


Since 2012, when we first donated $10,000 for two grants, we have increased our donations so that, in 2018, we provided $95,000 for two fellowships and $25,000 for two research grants. These funds provide financial support to individuals across Canada, with applications received from Newfoundland to Vancouver ( see this web site for our application process and forms) ; and a Medical Advisory Panel, with representation from Toronto Calgary, St John’s and Montreal deliberates and decides who should receive these funds.
Results of the research are printed on our web site, as it becomes available.


If a patient understands their problem and the processes which can be used to remediate their problem, we believe the outcome can be much improved, and the patient is more at ease with their situation.
We provide precise and medically accurate descriptions of the various retinal diseases and their possible remedies on our web site so that patents can then obtain appropriate help as quickly as, possible.


This year we have joined with the Montreal General Hospital Foundation to purchase an innovative surgical and teaching tool.
Currently, retinal surgeons must bend over their patients for long periods, looking through what seems to be a microscope/binoculars – students cluster around them trying to see what is being done. The new equipment is high tech – it provides a large computer screen which the surgeon can sit at ergonomically/comfortably and look at and manipulate handles to do the required surgery. And students at the same time can see on the screen what the surgeon is doing. Thus better surgical and educational outcomes can result. Used in Europe, this technology is just coming to North America and we are one of the first here in Canada to buy one. We have been raising funds for its purchase, and need only $20,000 more to meet our goal to purchase this equipment. If you wish to donate to help us in this purchase of this patient-related equipment, please see “donate” on this web site.


We are associated with the Canadian Retina Society, a group of retinal surgeons from across Canada, and are happy to be able to continue to provide the funding for an annual lecture at their yearly conference.


As noted above, we are working hard to increase the number of retinal surgeons in Canada, increase patient awareness of retinal diseases and remedies, finance new teaching and surgical equipment, and support the Canadian Retinal Society.
Please support us by following our activities on our web site and donating if you can.
And again my thanks to our supporters and donors, the Medical Advisory Panel, and our volunteer Board for all their efforts in making 2018 another successful year for the Foundation.